Formally Global Stage Media, our origins go back to 2010 when we primarily produced our own as well as privately labeled podcasts and video production. Over the years, we felt more and more of a calling towards becoming life coaches, as that is a lot of what we found ourselves doing most of the time. Helping people. In 2013 we embarked on our journey of studies that would lead to us to becoming Master Certified, multi-disciplined life coaches in 2018 and 2019 . While Todd’s focus is on Speaking, Mindset and Happiness coaching, Ana is a Creativity Coach and is also a Certified Reiki & Crystal Reiki Master.

Besides our coaching endeavors, Todd is a musician, producer/engineer, recording studio (Double Planet Studios) owner and host of The Conformity Hazard coaching podcast and The Tour Bus Music Show and Echoes of Laughter entertainment podcasts. Ana is a creative soul and enjoys crafting extensively and hosts the creative coaching podcast, Her Creative Escapades.

Here’s a little overview of what we do here:

Ascension Institute – Todd and Ana Fairchild are also the primary coaches/instructors at the Ascension Institute. A site that offers life changing video & audio courses, mastermind groups, one-on-one & group coaching and extensive resources to radically transform lives.

Audios Maximus Podcasts – Audios Maximus is the hub for Pemrose Media’s entertainment and other documentary podcasts both old and new. The Tour Bus Music Show, My Symphony of Life and Echoes of Laughter are just a few of our podcasts that can be found here.

Double Planet Studios – Double Planet Studios is the creative hub for all of Pemrose Media productions. It is both a hybrid Digital/Analog audio recording studio and the creative hub for all Pemrose Media audio and video Productions. Recording bands, individual artists, podcasts, video courses, and voice over productions. The name of the studio is a nod to one of Todd’s biggest influences’ the late musical genius and amazing human being, Michael Hedges.

Her Creative Escapades – Her Creative Escapades is the creative coaching and crafting hub for Ana Fairchild, Master Certified Life Coach and Reiki and Crystal Reiki Master Practitioner.

I Thrive Here – I Thrive Here is our online hub to provide the resources, motivation and inspiration to help build a life where happiness, success and fulfillment is the norm for your life. Hosted by Todd Fairchild, MCC, I Thrive Here centers around creating the Mindset and Lifeset that serves as the foundation for building the life you deserve to live!