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The Tour Bus Music Show – Episode# 001 7/25/2010

Show #1  7-25-10  The Tour Bus Music Show – Introductory Episode


This is our introductory and welcome episode.


This will be a bi-weekly audio podcast about the Local and Regional Touring Artists that will be Performing in Louisiana in the near future. Our show will usually be about an hour or so in length…depending on just how interesting the conversation gets, remember we are talking about rock groups…and you can bet it’s going to be revealing. We may also occasionally feature some in-house acoustic performances that you won’t hear anywhere else and we’ll typically be featuring 1 to 2 bands or musicians per show.


We will be interviewing these groups and musicians in depth to give you the inside story on their successes and failures and have them speak to what makes them unique and worth your attention.  We will also be playing tracks from their CD’s and Demos and live tracks to really give you a feel for their just how hard they rock.


We will also be reviewing the event calendars for our area and offering reviews and suggestions on the not-to-miss shows. We will also letting everyone know about larger upcoming live performances of major acts in the southern Louisiana area.



Thanks For Listening!


T. Mic

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