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Echoes Of Laughter – 002 12/5/2010 – Riverview Amusement Park 1903 – 1967

Echoes Of Laughter – 002 12/5/2010 – Riverview Amusement Park  1903 – 1967

This episode we are featuring Riverview Amusement Park. Once located in Chicago, IL this 74 acre amusement park, located on the banks of the Chicago River and bordered by Western & Belmont Avenues entertained millions of guests during its 64 season run.

Once home to unique attractions and thrilling rides this once world famous, and beloved by Chicago-ans, amusement park’s lights blink no more.

In this episode we will have interviews with Mr. Ralph Lopez, the last manager of the “Shoot-The-Chutes” ride and modern day expert on the park. We will also interview John DeSalvo, a former Chicago native that grew up with the park only to lose it to Chicago’s storied past at age 14. These gentlemen, from different walks of life, share their stories & experiences with us as well as their perspectives on why it closed and how Chicago could truly benefit from a similar park in Chicago in today’s world.

We encourage you to learn more about this wonderful old amusement park, to purchase memorabilia, and original souvenirs from the park by visiting Mr. Lopez’s website at


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