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My Symphony Of Life – 005 4/25/2011 – Interview With Children’s Author Anthony Majewski and Max – Dog’s Work Too From Max’s Point of View, Interview with John Bolin of Doggie Playcamp, Interview with Sarah Baldwin of Good Nighties

 Welcome to our fifth episode of My Symphony Of Life. We have an episode that is packed. I hope that ya’ll are ready! We have three interviews for you and I’m so excited about this episode. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed interviewing our guests and putting this episode together for you. There will be three episodes. Yes, three! We will be featuring several special guests on this show. In order of appearance first we will have Anthony Majewski and Max who wrote Dog’s Work Too From Max’s Point Of View….we’ll dive into the inspiration behind his book. They’ve also teamed up with Leader dogs. Touring event’s Max will be doing and finding out what’s next for this great team.  For more information about their great book check out their interactive website It’s Pawtastic! Second we will have John Bolin of Doggie Playcamp…we’ll take a look at his doggie daycare here in the Baton Rouge, LA area. He offers plenty to owner’s. For more information, check out his website Third we will be featuring Sarah Baldwin VP of Marketing for Good Nighties we’ll find what the new smart fabric is and how it helps women throughout different stages of life as well as hearing what they have in the works. For more information go to We will also off poetry tips. This will be in regard to two word poetry. Keep it fun. We also are providing a great dog treat for your companion. 

Special Thanks go out to Anthony Majewski with Max, John Bolin and Sarah Baldwin for their contributions to this episode!

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Until next time, have fun while conducting your own Symphony Of Life!

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