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Echoes Of Laughter – Episode# 5 7/24/2011 – Our 1979 Vacation To Florida – The Stars Hall Of Fame Wax Museum and The Mystery Fun House

Here’s a story for you. It is of a young boy’s trip to Florida in 1979. The first real vacation his family ever took and was it one to remember and I’d like to share some of our story as well as the stories of three of the attractions that we visited that year that are no longer there to be enjoyed. Hi! This is T. Mic and this Echoes of Laughter will be a little different. It is a trip down memory lane and not just any trip but my own.

To the 11 year old boy that I was in 1979, these places were wonders to me and my siblings at the time and they still hold a special place in my memory some 32 years later. My parents had taken our family to Florida that year on vacation. As a matter of fact, my family was a modest middle class family in the seventies and we had never really gone anywhere on a real vacation before except for a few overnight trips around our home state of Louisiana and a trip or two into Mississippi. This was our first real week long vacation and we were going to the Sunshine State for the first time!

In this episode we’ll explore the Stars Hall Of Fame and The Mystery Funhouse. Both were once located in Orlando Florida. One we visited on our trip, the other we did not, but oh how I wish we had. We’ll talk about both attractions that succumbed to a ever more competitive tourist market and what these wonderful smaller attractions once encompassed.  Put on your old bell bottom jeans, comb that mustache, and sport that dusty old silk shirt in the back of your closet…Were going back to 1979 and talking about more wax than you can shake a match at!


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