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My Symphony Of Life – Episode# 010 7/24/2011 – SoulShaping Author Jeff Brown, Baton Rouge, LA Events Calendar, Chef Sarah’s Outstanding Pasta Salad And More

This is Ana and we have a featured guest on this week’s episode.

I’m excited to introduce this week’s featured guest! He’s an author, filmmaker and grounded spiritualist…Jeff Brown. He’s also the founder and author of Soul Shaping- Let’s take this journey together as we realize who we really are. Let’s move forward as we walk to a deeper relationship with ourselves and others. Expressing and living your life to the fullest!  With arms wide open! Jeff will be having a Soulshaping University in September 11, 2011. This is where you’ll be able to Discover How To Excavate & Honor Your Sacred Purpose. Take a look at his website for more information of this great opportunity!

We’re going to review our local calendar for the Baton Rouge, LA and surrounding areas. We will be talking about our pets on Barkussions. Remember that we are looking to feature a dog on Barkussions and a cat on Purrkussions. We’ll feature a pet once a month and I’d like to eventually expand it to 2 time’s a month with each new release episode that we put out. If you’d like your pet to be featured, please send us a picture of them and let us know about your favorite companion! You can email us at: We have some more mouth watering recipes from Chef Sarah Real Food with Attitude….enjoy the recipe!

Chef Sarah’s Pasta SaladIngredients:1 bag of macaroni noodles1 bunch green onions sliced thin and cut on biased1 cup shredded carrots1 small red onion, small diced1 cucumber small diced1 cup roasted red bell peppers in a jar small diced1 half pound of cheddar cheeseDressing:2 cups mayo1 coup white sugar1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar1 teaspoon celery seedsalt and pepper to taste

Cook macaroni noodles until al dente, once the pasta is cooked, let it cool down and put to the side.Combine your vegetables, macaroni noodles and dressing and mix until they are well blended.

Enjoy it! Remember Chef Sarah will respond to your questions and comments you many have. Come show some love!

Special Thanks go out to Jeff Brown as well as Chef Sarah for their contributions to this episode!

Be sure to listen to the podcast! Thanks For joining us on My Symphony Of Life and check us out at The Symphony Of Life website at: and Also be sure to leave us your comments and questions on our listener feedback line at 206.338.1478 or on e-mail at

Until next time, have fun while conducting your own Symphony Of Life!



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