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The WhimsiMagical Mousecast – Episode# 4 7/24/2010 – It’s 1979 All Over Again! Our First Vacation To Walt Disney World!

Long before Eago hassled the birds, Jack Sparrow and Barbarosa pillaged the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and you could find wild animals on Discovery Island instead of in a Kingdom. We made our first trip to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. In this episode Kenny and I (T. Mic) share the humorous and interesting story of our first trip to the house of the mouse. We’ll take you on a virtual walk around the Magic Kingdom at the time and discuss rides and attractions that are no longer there to be enjoyed as well as the ones that are. We will discuss the differences in the park as we travel between the past and present and our perspectives on experiencing the park through the eyes of the children we were then and those treasured memories that last to this very day.


Long gone rides and attractions such as the Penny Arcade, the Mike Fink Keelboats & Canoes, the Magic Skyway, Mr. Toads Wild Ride and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea are just a few of the attractions and rides we’ll discuss. So slap on those groovy bell bottom jeans and your best silk shirt (don’t forget that flashy neck chain) and hop in the Hornet with us as our family drives from south Louisiana to Florida to experience Walt Disney World for the first time. It’s time to Disco down to Disney…

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