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My Symphony Of Life – Episode# 13 9/18/2011 – Interview With Mari McCarthy, Baton Rouge, LA Area Events Calendar, And Fashion & Beauty Segment With Emily Gamez

On this episode we have the pleasure of talking with an author. She is encouraging everyone to Write On! Mari McCarthy is an author of several ebooks such as her recent work Your Money Matters! Use Journal Writing Therapy to Get Financially Fit Now. In this book you learn how to: 

  • Come to terms with your worries about money.
  • Initiate healthy and productive approaches to money making.
  • Maintain these healthy habits over time.
  • Discover and heal the origins of your fears about money.
  • Establish inner mechanisms that give you confidence.
  • Achieve your goals regarding personal finances.

Dark Chocolate for the Journaler’s Soul: 17 Personal Journaling Stories for Healing and Growth!

In this eBook, travel with journaling experts as they reveal:

  • What you should do when you find yourself cheating on your journal
  • How you can make the Blank Page work for you
  • What it’s like to reconnect with your Inner Kid
  • How journal writing hastens healing
  • What the best time of day to journal is

Who Are You? How to Use Journaling Therapy to Know and Grow Your Life, introduces you to the ultimate self-discovery and personal growth tool, Journaling, and shows you how to start knowing and growing your Self.   

  • Access Journaling as a process to help you change your thoughts and feelings
  • Read about the 7 Principles of Journaling for healing your inner world
  • Get a grip on getting out of your own way
  • Learn Journaling techniques to deal with relentless inner critics   
  • Come to know your self in a whole new light

Mari has a wonderful website in which she founded and created called Here you’ll be able to find the inspiration you seek while journaling yourself. She provides Journaling for Self-Discovery and Personal Growth Services.


She has several packages available for you. These private journaling therapy consultations are where you’ll learn that you have the solution(s) and will leave the meeting with ideas and an action plan.

On her website she as well as her readers provides great journaling tips and ideas. Make sure to sign up for her Email Newsletter. Her website is

It’s my pleasure to bring you, our listener’s fresh content with that being said we’ve added to our ensemble. Please welcome her with open arms. We have a beauty contributor! Welcome Emily!

Emily Gamez is an accessory designer for a young adult brand Emmy’s Kawaii Shop, a style- make-up- health and beauty aficionado. Go and LIKE her page: She is environmentally concerned, so in the process of doing her own research to find the best deals on the safest products, (for us and the environment), she has become an expert and an excellent source of information on the best products, the alternatives, the deals, the tips, and the toxins (that we would never imagine are in our beauty products). Emily personally researches, tests and evaluates each product that she writes about to give us the real scoop on the price of being beautiful – at the counter and to our health. She’s also part of our review team. If you have product’s you’d like her to review-makeup/skincare. Send us an email at

We have a calendar section for the Baton Rouge, LA we hope to see you there. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our posts as well as listening to our podcasts.

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