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The Tour Bus Music Show – Episode 21 – Featuring An Interview With Geoff Tate Of Queensrÿche and Music From Their Newest Release “Dedicated To Chaos”

Welcome to Episode# 21 of the Tour Bus Music Show. On this episode we will be featuring an interview with Geoff Tate ( of the legendary rock band Queensrÿche ( Back on our December episode (episode# 9) of the Tour Bus music show, Geoff alluded to the fact that the band was working on music for what was to be an experimental new album. We now know that the album that he was speaking about is “Dedicated To Chaos”. The album is a definite evolution of the bands’ sound and writing style. After listening to the album several times both with headphones and out loud (anybody that has listened to Queensrÿche extensively knows about their elaborate production techniques, which makes listening through headphones an equally elaborate experience). Speaking as a longtime Queensrÿche fan I can speak to the fact the new album is very different than any other album from the group. That being said, I think that the album has a fresh new sound, content that is relevant to the time we live in and is as good,  if not better than any album in the Queensrÿche catalog.

Now on to the conversation that Geoff and T. Mic had. We discussed not only the album but the tour that the band has been currently engaged in. The tour celebrates Queensrÿche’s 30th anniversary and the band will be performing music not only from the new album but across their career. According to Geoff, fans can also expect the exceptional stage show that the band is well known for.  Geoff and T. Mic also discuss a variety of other topics regarding the band, their history, and some of what is to come with Queensryche. We also preview four tracks off of “Dedicated to Chaos” on the show and find out the inspiration behind some of the music on the album.

We hope you enjoy this episode and encourage you to subscribe to The Tour Bus Music Show. You can find out more information on Queensrÿche, their new album “Dedicated To Chaos” and their 30th anniversary tour at  Please come back for our next episode.  

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