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My Symphony Of Life – Episode# 31 – Featuring Journaling Coach & Author Mari McCarthy And Children’s Poet & Author Kenn Nesbitt

I’m Ana the host of My Symphony Of Life and welcome back! I’d like to take the time to thank you for listening to My Symphony Of Life. You are the reason why we do this! You are an integral part of our community and network. If there is a topic you’d like to hear more about or if you know someone who’d be perfect for me to talk to, please email me at If you missed episode 30, I encourage everyone to go back and listen to that show! Our last featured guest was Mary Kay Hoal. She’s very passionate in providing privacy and safety for children. She’s the founder and president of YourSphere Media Inc., publishers of the kids’ social network Mary Kay is also the online safety expert who has created such an environment for children. It is the first of its kind online social network for children that focuses on fun, interaction, creativity and safety. I also encourage everyone to connect with her at all her social media sites to stay updated on what she has going on as well as information that she has for parent’s abroad. Remember to let her know that you heard her on My Symphony Of Life and let her know I sent you. Thank you!

Get ready! This duo has been featured guests here on My Symphony Of Life before. They really don’t need introductions…. This show is all about expressing your inner creativity! Let’s begin conducting your Symphony Of Life!

Mari McCarthy of Create Write Now will share journaling ideas as well as prompts. Her website is
Kenn Nesbitt is a children’s poet and author of When the Teacher Isn’t Looking. He’s going to show us how to write Haiku poem. His website is Get ready to be inspired!

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