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My Symphony Of Life – Episode 34 – Interview With Renae Christine Of Rich Mom Business

I’m Ana the host of My Symphony Of Life…. Welcome back! We’ve got a lot to catch up since our last post. First I’d like to start by saying Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to download, listen to our shows as well as voting for this show on iTunes. You are the reason why we do this! You are an integral part of our community and network. T.Mic and I were both sick for 3 weeks. We’re both doing a lot better! With the cold/congestion that we both had our voices were not up to par and the cold/congestion that had made us very tired so we rested ate light food and we’re both doing great!

You see during this time we’ve been sick we’ve come to the realization for this particular show from the new season six and the break down of the different topics each week that certain topics bring more interest to you than other topics.

We’d like to know if you’d like to hear more about crafting or diy projects. Know that based on the breakdown of the craft shows you do love this topic more than another topic. You see in my own symphony of life from when my nephews were at the age of two years old I’d come down to Louisiana to visit them during the summer. We’d do all types of craft projects, we’d sing songs, and go to the park. Throughout crafting my own symphony of life throughout my pre teen, teen, adulthood I’ve always incorporated crafts in my life whether it would be with my nephews, my bible study class in which I’d share a craft project with the bible study, crafting with kids I’ve babysat with to my own unique style of crafting techniques that I’ve learned along the way.

It’s in crafting my own symphony of life that crafting has brought me joy, it has brought me closer to my family members, friends, it has brought me closer to kids to teach at their levels and it has brought me great joy to continue to teach and reach people at this level. So, with that being said crafting and DIY projects will be every other week. I feel I reach people on different levels and bring out their inner creativity in perhaps they didn’t know it was there all this time and perhaps they did know it was there and need that extra creative tug. That is why I am here! That is why I am here to revamp my symphony of life. That is why I am able to reach all of you. It’s a new creative vision, it’s a new creative noble purpose to live it will passion in all that I do…… most importantly for you to live it with passion for you to be the conductor you were meant to be in your creative life.

I will also continue featuring guests such Entrepreneurs, Author’s, Life Coaches, Blogger’s, and Podcaster’s as well as empowering topics for your life in order for you as a person to grow. My featured guests that I have do share their own symphony of life on both personal and business levels that is great for you to grow as well on both personal and business levels (for those who do have businesses). I’m learning along with you by talking to them and having that interaction with them. This is why I’m able to reach you. It’s a new aspiration in life to better your self with knowledge, empowering yourself to better yourself as a person and business owner. It’s a mission to provide enrichment and education so that you can be the person you can be. Make the conscious effort starting today to be present for life’s moments. Making a decision that I’m going to make that step, I’m going to make a active choice to be who I know I can be. You are talented, its time to showcase them and it’s time for you to live this moment we have now with at true noble purpose today. If you’re unsure of your purpose, it’s my goal to help you with that based on our enrichment, empowering and education topics.

Now to our featured guest! My featured guest is Renae Christine of Rich Mom Business! She’s the founder and author of She has a wonderful vlog at She’s worked out a formula to create successful business and share’s her passion while helping others. Join me in welcoming Renae Christine to My Symphony Of Life! 

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