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Abandon All Hope, Halloween in the Swamp 2010 – 002 10/3/2010 – The 13th Gate – Baton Rouge, LA

Abandon All Hope, Halloween in the Swamp 2010 – Episode 002 – The 13th Gate – Baton Rouge, LA

In this episode we talk with Dwayne Sanburn, owner of The 13th Gate, about his 40,000 square foot nightmare located at 832 Saint Philip Street, in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Located in a former slaughterhouse turned sporting goods store, the attraction actually encompases 2 buildings. The building itself actually was constructed in 1849 and has a long history of “interesting” activity happening there aside from it’s present use as a haunted house.

Dwayne shares with us his inspiration and drive to create one of the best “haunted” attractions in the nation and how it has evolved over time, with the help of our burgeoning movie industry talent, to become a nationally recognized, acclaimed, and award winning attraction. We then take a audio walkthrough of the attraction, but don’t worry it won’t spoil it…it has been edited and it changes somewhat night to night in how things are presented and we do not detail which are of the attraction we are in…have fun. We rate this attraction as a definitely a not-to-be-missed event open during the months of September & October in downtown Baton Rouge!    

Dates & Hours

Louisiana’s Ultimate Haunted House

September 23rd – October 16th

Thursday, Friday & Saturday Nights 6:30pm-11:30

October 21nd-31st

Every Night 6:30pm-Until the last victim gets in!

November 5th and 6th   “Flashlight Fright Nights”


(Travel through a completely dark 13th Gate armed only with a couple small finger lights per group!)


832 St Phillip Street

Downtown Baton Rouge, LA

Under the I-10 River Bridge

Next to Belle Casino and Pastime Restaurant


Hotline 225-389-1313

2010 Admission $20.00


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