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The Tour Bus Music Show – Episode# 006 10/10/2010 – Interview and Music with Steve Blaze of Lillian Axe



Episode# 006  10/10/2010  The Tour Bus Music Show – Steve Blaze Of Lillian Axe


In this weeks episode we will be featuring Steve Blaze of Lillian Axe. Lillian Axe has experienced almost everything playing music professionally has to offer…monster tours, major record label contracts, music videos (when MTV still played music videos), fame, fortune, and performing to millions of fans in their amazing career and even after 25+ years they are showing no signs of slowing down. They have just released their 10th album, Deep Red Shadows and been honored by being inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame. The only thing that these things have done is fan the flames even hotter for this veteran rock band and drive them to accomplish even more.


Steve Blaze, the founder and one of the amazing guitarists in the group, sits down with me Bozo, and Ana for an amazing 90 minute interview. We feature tracks from Deep Red Shadows and he shares with us what is currently happening with the group, their past, and what’s coming in the future for the group. He also provides us with his insight and experience in the music industry and the changing trends of listeners, fans, and music in general.



Steve had plenty to say and we were treated some extreme hospitality on his part of allowing us to do the interview in his personal studio. He introduced us to his wife, Julie & his daughter, and in a real surprise to us, his handsome little son, Jude. I, T Mic, had been acquainted with Steve for many years and knew he was a good guy, but sitting down with him for a few hours while recording this interview and talking with him off the record before and after. I have to say that I never had a clue as to what a kind & respectable man he was and that he has more good character than any pro musician I have ever known.


The episode is 120 minutes and 11 seconds in length, which is longer than any episode we’ve done to date. But in the editing process we found that there was just such an abundance of good content that we didn’t want to take away from the experience by cutting it. Therefore, I would recommend that if you don’t have time to listen to it all at once, break it up and listen to it over a few sessions. But listen to the full interview, none the less. It was great!


You can find out more information about Lillian Axe at:  for band info, booking information, to purchase their albums, or to get any of their cool swag.



Thanks again to Steve for taking the time to talk with us and his hospitality while conducting this interview and being so accommodating during the production of this episode.


Look for our next show coming 11/26/2010 when we will be featuring Patrick Kennison & Jesse “Bawls” Billson of HEAVEN BELOW.

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