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The Tour Bus Music Show – Episode# 009 12/26/2010 – Our 2010 Year End Special Featuring An Interview With Geoff Tate Of Queensryche


Episode #9  12/26/2010  The Tour Bus Music Show – Our Year End Special For 2010, Featuring An Interview With Geoff Tate Of Queensryche

In this week’s episode, hosted by T. Mic and Ana, we will be featuring discussions with several bands that have appeared on The Tour Bus Music Show in 2010. Appearing on this show will be Shannon Guillot of Black Market Halos, Jimi Hudson of 4 Mag Nitrous, Ben Michon of Big Frank, Steve Blaze of Lillian Axe, Patrick Kennison of Heaven Below and, of course, Geoff Tate of  the one and only Queensryche. In T. Mic & Scott’s interview with Geoff we discuss in detail a variety of topics including what is currently happening with Queensryche, his venture into wine making with his signature brand of Insania white and red wines produced by Three Rivers Winery in Washington state (, his insight on the current state of the music business, and a new Queensryche release currently slated for a spring 2011 release and tour to follow. We will also feature tracks from most of the groups that appeared on The Tour Bus Music Show in 2010. It is a not-to-be-missed episode!


This episode is 01:28:59 (HH:MM:SS) in length.


You can find out more information about the groups appearing on this episode at

Black Market Halos –  

4 Mag Nitrous –

Big Frank –

Poltern Kinder –

Lillian Axe –

Heaven Below –

Saturate –

Queensryche –

Geoff Tate –

Thank you all for helping to support our network and our shows in 2010. We will be on pre-production break from 12/27/2010 through 2/5/2011 and will be posting our first shows of 2011 on Sunday, February 6, 2011. Have a safe, blessed and Happy New Year!


T. Mic, Ana, and Scott (Bozo)

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