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Echoes Of Laughter – 003 2/27/2011 – 1984 Louisiana World’s Exposition, New Orleans, Louisiana and an interview with Bill Cotter

This episode features an interview with Bill Cotter, published author of several books on World Fairs, Disney Television, and co-author on several other books. T. Mic (show host) & Bill discuss the 1984 Louisiana World’s Exposition at length. They will take you on an audio journey through the fair, area by area, they will discuss some of the individual attractions as well a the pavilions that were located in the 84 acre site on the Mississippi Riverfront in New Orleans Louisiana. They also discuss the origins of the fair, its challenges, highlights, and where you can still experience a few of the original attractions from the fair that are still in operation today. The will also discuss a little on some attractions that were planned for the fair but never came to be. The 1984 Louisiana World is probably one of the least documented World’s Fairs online yet most people that experienced the fair still retain fond memories of it some 26+ years later.

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