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The Tour bus Music Show – Episode# 15 5/29/2011 – Interview and Music with Paul and Martin Strange from The Australian Hard Rock Band Strange Karma

In this episode The Tour Music Music Show is transported oversea’s for an interview in the outback with hard rock powerhouse group, Strange Karma. Paul Strange (Lead Guitar & Vocals) and Martin Strange (Lead Vocalist) chat with T. Mic on the history of the group through it’s initial tours through Europe and their recent tour of the midwest and west coast of the United States.

Their most recent release Volume 1 showcases the group as a hard rocking, tight sounding group with a hint of the classic hard rock sound that makes them fairly unique in this day and age. That’s not to say that the group isn’t serious competition for any modern rock group. With the drive of a tank this band has faced and conquered challenges that would have left lesser bands running for the hills.

The experience, hard rockin’ style, and great live performances of this group recently in the States has left major venues and talent reps. clamouring for more. Just how soon can we expect them back in the United States on tour is a matter currently being planned by the band and their management. Until then we can only check out their album, Volume 1, from which we feature four songs this episode: America, Down and Out, Fame and Mind Games and hope they’ll be back stateside, rockin’ soon.

You can check out their news, tour dates, and other information on the band at: and

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