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The Tour Bus Music Show – Episode 16 Friday June 10, 2011 – Interview and Music with Cardinal Collide From Baton Rouge, Louisiana

In this episode of The Tour Bus Music Show on the Tales From The Back Of The Bus Interview Segment we will be featuring Cardinal Collide, a 4 piece progressive rock band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana ( We had the chance to catch up with the guys; James, Derek, David & Tweezy a few weeks ago in the midst of finishing up their new album, Ghosts Outside Your Window, and talked with them on a variety of topics.

It was a great interview that lasted over an hour and a half long. We went in-depth with the band into their songwriting process, personal experiences, the challenges and the triumphs they have faced in their time together. Their music is inspiring and touching as the explore the human condition through their music and lyrics. In their live shows they come across powerfully and clearly and a performance that is just as enjoyable visually as it is audibly. Join us in hearing about this great band by listening to the podcast in it’s entirety as we explore the music, the people and the experience that is uniquely Cardinal Collide.

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