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My Symphony Of Life – Episode# 008 6/26/2011 – Interview With Roxanna And John Demers And Two Delicious Recipes With Chef Sarah

This is Ana and we have a featured guest on this week’s episode.

Our featured guests on this show are Roxanna and her father John Demers. John and Michelle Demers are the executive producers of The Rusty Bucket Kids TV series. We can join their children Roxanna and John as they share lead roles traveling through time as they visit famous people of American history in their teenage years at

We did an interview with Anthony Majewski and Max who wrote Dog’s Work Too From Max’s Point Of View on episode 5.  Anthony Majewski and Max have a new song called Look at me now. John Coleman from the Rusty Bucket kids sang the song. It is available on Amazon by clicking here. It’s a great motivational song for everyone to enjoy. We’re going to review our local calendar for the Baton Rouge, LA and surrounding areas. We will have poetry corner: I’m reading a poetry that I’ve written called Fulfillment. My Symphony introduces StepN2Mom we will have our first interview with Claudette Chenevert  the Stepmom Coach on the next episode. If you’d like to see what she’s about visit her website at We have some more mouth watering recipes from Chef Sarah Real Food with Attitude….enjoy the recipe!

Here’s The Recipes:

Tomoto Feta Salad


2 lbs grape tomatoes, cut in half1/2 lb feta cheese, crumbled1 red onion, julienned1/2 lb kalamata olives1 bunch of basil, chiffonade1 cup balsamic vinegar1 cup olive oil

Toss all of the ingredients together in a large salad bowl. Refrigerate for one hour. Salt and Pepper to taste

Blackberry Brisket


1 – 4 lb Brisket

1 – 1 ounce dried onion soup mix

2   Tablespoons of soy sauce

1 – 10 ounce jar of blackberry jam

2 – medium onions


Brisket Glaze

Mix together the dried onion soup mix, soy sauce and blackberry jam in bowl and place to the side.

Now back to the Brisket

Place brisket on crock pot. Sprinkle brisket with garlic powder, onion salt, black pepper. Dice your 2 onions thin then sprinkle over brisket. Pour half of the soy sauce/blackberry mixture on the top of the brisket.

Cover and cook in crock pot on low for 8-10 hours.

Cover remaining soy sauce/blackberry mixture and place in refrigerator while brisket is cooking. Be sure to take the remaining mixture out of the refrigerator two hours before Brisket is ready and bring to room temperature.

Continue to cook brisket to fork tender consistency

When brisket is fully cooked remove and slice brisket on bias against the grain.

Pour remaining soy sauce/blackberry mixture over brisket and serve.

Enjoy it! Remember Chef Sarah will respond to your questions and comments you many have. Come show some love!

Special Thanks go out to Roxanna Coleman and John Demers as well as Chef Sarah for their contributions to this episode!

Be sure to listen to the podcast! Thanks For joining us on My Symphony Of Life and check us out at The Symphony Of Life website at: and

Also be sure to leave us your comments and questions on our listener feedback line at 206.338.1478 or on e-mail at

Until next time, have fun while conducting your own Symphony Of Life!


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