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The Tour Bus Music Show – Episode# 18 6/26/2011 – Interview And Music With World Renowned Bassist Michael Manring

In every generation, there is one…or maybe two bassist that changes the rules and for that matter the whole concept of what can be done on and with a bass guitar. The late great Jaco Pastorius was one of the masters of bass guitar that expanded the world of bass guitar with his astounding ability and talent. However, it was his student that took the bass to new heights and along with Joe Zon designed one of the finest and most unique bass instruments on the planet…The Zon Hyperbass, Michaels’ signature instrument. With it he continues to stretch the very boundaries of the bassists’ realm.

Michael has had and continues to have an outstanding career having performed and collaborated with the very finest musicians in the world. He has performed every type of music from New Age to Rock and Jazz to Fusion. His solo work has been some of the most innovative music ever composed for bass guitar including a work entitled “ My Three Moons” off his album “Thonk” where he simultaneously plays three basses at once with remarkable prowess. We have included a link to the video of him performing this feat on our web site at

In this episode of the this episode of  The Tour Bus Music Show we sit down with Michael for an in depth interview where we discuss his career and experiences such as his friendship and collaboration the late acoustic guitar master and performer Michael Hedges. We’ll also get inside his head where he shares with us his unique perspective on the bass guitar, life in general and what helped contribute to making him the remarkable bassist he is today.

In a personal note, I am a bassist myself (T. Mic), Michael Manring has been one of my personal favorite bassists for many years and has had a profound influence on my own playing style. It was a privilege and honor to conduct this interview and I wish to extend my personal thanks to Michael Manring for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk with me for this interview.

You can find out more information on Michael Manring and current dates for his concerts and clinics on at

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