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My Symphony Of Life – Episode# 29 – Interview, Recipe And Craft Project With Kathy Penny

I have the pleasure of talking to Kathy Penney. Kathy is the founder and author of Sparkles & A Stove. Kathy talks about her transition from corporate America to a SAHM. She provides tips for those who are currently exiting the workforce and those who are already SAHM.

All of us mom’s go through many things in our life from finding that special someone to having a relationship to getting married to having children to perhaps going through post partum depression. Here’s some effects on Post Partum Depression: Sluggishness, feelings of hopelessness/depression, confused, lack of interest in the baby, fear of harming the baby or oneself and mood swings. Many people go through the same thing! It’s important to know it’s ok to stop, reach out to others and get support. That’s what we’re here for, all of your family and friends. There maybe someone else you see as a mentor you can talk to. What can you do to perk yourself up? Begin each day by thanking God, Spend some time in reading your bible in order to receive a new refreshing, empowerment and his warmth. Go outside and get some air. The melatonin, a hormone produced only in the dark, does lower the body temp and makes you less sluggish. Stay busy by talking a walk, volunteer by helping the less fortunate, perhaps learn a new craft,  pamper yourself now and then, hang around people who are up beat, go meet new people by joining clubs and those who will give you moral support. Your depression can turn into joy! Happiness is a choice. No matter what news comes your way on a daily, monthly basis you can choose. Why not choose happiness. It takes more muscles around your mouth to have a frown than to smile. My guest, Kathy talks to us about her story and her encouragement for moms. She also shares a website for additional answers that you may be looking for.

Do you blog? I always asks my featured guests to share any tips that they may have gained while blogging. Kathy will share some of her blogging adventures.

Do you like trying new recipes? I do to! Kathy will share her Chipotle Recipe: Steak with Garlic Lime Butter.

Link to recipe:

Are you looking for Valentine’s day craft ideas? As an avid crafter myself, I love searching for new ways to decorate my home. Here’s another option to add to your creativity! Kathy will share a Valentine’s Day craft- Valentines Blocks.

Wooden Blocks: You can find these around your home if you or your hubby does any wood projects, at home improvement stores, or buy a big bag of various scraps for $5 at the craft store.

Paint: Either spray paint or craft paint will work.

Scrapbook paper in coordinating colors


Mod Podge & Sponge

Hot glue & gun

Any embellishments you wish (These are optional)

Either vinyl letters or brush and stencil to paint your sentiment with

To get your craft on do this:

1. Paint the wooden blocks in your desired colors and let dry. Use as many blocks as you need for your sentiment

2. Make sure the wooden blocks are completely dry and use a bit of sand paper to give them a worn shabby chic or rustic look. Just enough sanding so that the wood shows through in some places.

3. Next cut your paper to fit your blocks. To cut the paper you can either use a Silhouette or a Cricut as I did, craft paper punches as I did with the photo collage I made, or you can trace the paper over the blocks  letters. You can make them exactly to fit the blocks or in a pretty shape.

4. Mod podge your paper to the wooden blocks. Be sure to smooth out any bubbles!

5. If you are using your Cricut or Silhouette for your letters then cut then now. If not, skip to next step.

6. Once the mod podge is dry, either set your vinyl letters or paint them onto the woooden blocks.

7. After your vinyl letters have set or the paint is dry, add any embellishments you want. I chose these rosettes from Spare Parts because they matched the Victorian feel of the mantle. Easy breezy, add a dab of hot glue and let dry.

Voila! You are done with this super cute Valentines Day craft! The whole project was around $7 so it was a huge cuteness bang for buck and fits right in with the store bought decorations.


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Get ready! Our next show is episode 30 and we’re going to have Mary Kay Hoal (provide some information)

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