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The Tour Bus Music Show – Episode# 38 – Interview And Music With Badwolf From Orlando, FL

Welcome back to The Tour Bus Music Show. Its season 6 and episode 38 her eat the Audios Maximus Network. It’s been a busy time here at the studio as we have been working on changes and great new shows for this season.  We‘ve got lots interesting interviews with independent, national and international bands as well as new shows where we will talk with music industry experts on how independent bands can plan, market  and manage their music careers to help take their band and music to the next level. We’ll be reviewing albums, concerts and talking about music industry news that impacts both bands and their listeners.

On this episode we’ll be talking to Adriel and Joey with Badwolf from Orlando, FL. We’ll talk about everything from the band’s inception, some of their major accomplishments and what’s coming next for this hot group. We’ll also feature 4 of their music tracks and lots more.


Randy Stephens, Adriel Garcia, Joey Parkes, Mike Stebe

Badwolf’s Bio:

Hailing from Orlando, FL, we are a new-rock band comprised of four extremely passionate and artistically fueled individuals.

Our music is the center piece of our worlds–our thoughts, efforts, hopes and dreams revolve around creating it and sharing it.

BADWOLF originated in May of 2011 when guitarist, Adriel Garcia (Atlanta, GA) and singer, Randy Stephens (Dallas, TX) relocated to Orlando after targeting central Florida as the launching site for the new-rock project. Thoughout the band’s first months in Orlando, the two founding members succeeded in furnishing the BADWOLF project with a home studio and composing a catalogue of recordings. Poised for the band’s highly anticipated debut album, BADWOLF acquired its third member and bassist, West Palm’s own, Joey Parkes, towards the end of 2011. Shortly thereafter, the final and pivotal addition of South-Florida native, drummer, Mike Stebe, completed the band’s line-up.

You can find out more about the group at: and

Visit us at www.thetourbusmusicshow and to find out more about the band, check out their videos and our entire archive of shows featuring both independent and national acts! Be Sure To Catch The Show And Don’t Miss The Bus!

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