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Echoes Of Laughter – Episode 004 5/15/2011 – Chippewa Lake Amusement Park Circa 1878 – 1978 Chippewa Lake, Medina County, Ohio USA

In this episode we will be exploring the origins and history of Chippewa Lake Park, once located in Medina County, Ohio on the shores of Ohio’s only natural lake; Chippewa Lake. From it’s early days in the late 1800’s through it’s 1978 closing and into it’s year’s of becoming a legendary urban ruin; you’ll hear all about this wonderful old park as we take a virtual tour of the park through time. The park had a long history of hosting famous musicians, dances, and park guests over it’s 100+ year history and despite it’s closing in 1978, it continued to draw visitors and explorers right up until it’s final demolition in 2009 through 2010. Join us on a journey of fun, laughter, nostalgia and discovery as we journey to and through Chippewa Lake Park.

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