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My Symphony Of Life – Episode# 011 8/14/2011 – Interview With Ellen Wittlinger, Family Event Calendars For The Greater Baton Rouge, LA Area, Journaling, Poetry And More!

Welcome everyone to episide 11 of My Symphony Of Life! On this episode our featured guest is the author of This Means War. She’s an author of 14 young adults’ books. Here at My Symphony Of Life we enjoy reading all types of books and different genre’s.  We are defiantly a book worm family! If you have kids who in grades 5-8 they’ll enjoy this book. I had the pleasure to read This Means War. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I found myself reminiscing through my childhood. How many time’s when you were younger you’d state THIS MEANS WAR! Options: rock, paper, scissors, not it, let’s race. In this situation as the characters in this book went through girls are just as good as boys…even better and stronger! The challenge begins. Ellen take’s us through the battle of the sexes! Everyone stands behind the challenge and they find out it’s worth fighting for. It’s a wonderful book about growing up, finding out who they are, individually and working together in this challenge girls vs. boys…This means war! I found this book a great history tool as well as it takes you back to the year 1962 and this is set in the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It’s a historical lesson during the period and its keeps kids wanting to learn more without bombarding them with dry historical facts. This is a must read book! This reaches students in which they can relate to on certain level. I encourage you to get this book and check out Ellen’s website at  If you’re looking for a speaker for conferences, school visits or library engagements please contact Ellen Wittlinger. There are many things going on in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Check out the calendar section. On this episode we have for you a journaling exercise for both adults and kids. We will also explore a passion for poetry exercise.  What does that entail?  Let’s take this walk together and explore! If you have a dog we’d like to feature them on Barkussions. Send us a picture of him and her; tell us the story behind your companion. You can email us at If you have a cat we’d like to feature them on Purrkussions. Send us a picture of him and/or her; tell us the story behind your companion. You can email us at We are featuring Bella she checks emails with me. We look forward to checking out the emails we receive and the comments we get from you, our listeners. You’ll learn more about Bella on Barkussions.

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