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The Tour Bus Music Show – Episode# 20 8/28/2011 – Interview And Music With Static Cycle’s Lead Vocalist And Guitarist Jared Navarre

Welcome everyone, this is T. Mic with The Tour bus Music Show. This episode, cool is the rule as we have Jared Navarre, who is the lead vocalist and a guitarist for Static Cycle from Anchorage, Alaska, who will be sitting down with us for a discussion on the band and their music.

Static Cycle is currently the biggest band in Alaska (and soon the whole US and have become known as a hot national touring act in the U.S. performing with other major artists such as Drowning Pool, Daughtry, Seether, Puddle Of Mudd, Eve6, Emery and many other well known groups and artists and with what is now 3 releases they are only getting more popular by the day.  MTV calls them “The hottest rock band out there”

Static Cycle Is:

Vocals: Jared Navarre Guitar: David Myhre Bass: Jonny Nabors Keyboard: Danny Resnick Drums: Dennis Smith

This episode runs just about an hour. In one of our more candid and interesting discussions on the show, Jared talks to us at length about Static Cycle’s history, their accomplishments, as well as, the story behind their unique sound and approach to writing music.

If you haven’t seen their video for “Inside This World Of Mine” you have got to check it out on YouTube or on their web site or by clicking here. We’ll talk about the making of the video and some of the unique sites that it was filmed at such as the Ice Museum at Chena Hot Springs Resort in Chena, Alaska as well as what it was like being dropped on the top of a massive glacier in the wilderness of Alaska for several shots in the video.

On a lighter note, he also commits T. Mic to go and jump out of a perfectly good plane on their next trip to Louisiana to go parachuting together. Stay tuned fro the details on that one!  We’ll also feature four songs from their previous three releases.

Jared also invites all of our listeners and Static Cycle fans to visit their website at and sign up for their mailing list to get a free digital download of their newest EP Rehydrate.

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