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My Symphony Of Life – Episode# 012 8/28/2011 – Interview With Suzie Bowers, Family Event Calendars For The Greater Baton Rouge, LA Area, Journaling, Poetry And More!

Welcome everyone to Episode# 12 of My Symphony Of Life!

On this episode our featured guest, Suzie Bowers, is the author of Ten Key’s to Living a Soul Life it’s a step by step primer to living a joyful and soulful life becoming conscious. Since 1995 she has been a personal success coach, hypnotherapist and online business entrepreneur. She’s also the founder of her website  She provides a service to you on your journey and to share the tools and knowledge that I know will help you be the successful person you’ve always dreamed you could be. Suzie states “Create The Life You Desire and Deserve”. Let’s start the journey!

There are many things going on in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Check out the calendar section. We have poetry corner for you. This is all about visual journal. I spy a flower poem based on this visual journal. I hope you like the example that I provide for you. We have a journaling exercise for your pre-teen. This is a project for teens. However, this could be for adults also. You may have to rephrase the questions based on the age group you want to use this lesson for.  I hope that you enjoy the journaling segment. 

If you have a dog we’d like to feature them on Barkussions. Send us a picture of him and her; tell us the story behind your companion. You can email us at If you have a cat we’d like to feature them on Purrkussions. Send us a picture of him and/or her; tell us the story behind your companion. You can email us at  Bella and I look forward to checking out the emails we receive and the comments we get from you, our listeners.

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